What is Pujara Dream Life?

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What is Pujara Dream Life?

Pujara Dream Life is an Indian network marketing company, its full name is Pujara Dream Life Private Limited, this company was registered on 22 May 2021 under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Presently the headquarters of this company is located in Nadiad Kheda, Gujarat and there are three directors of this company namely Vireshkumar Deepakkumar Thakkar, Chitrangi Ben Viresh Kumar Thakkar and Urmilaben Deepakbhai Thakkar.

Pujara Dream Life Company Profile

NamePujara Dream Life Private Limited
Ragistration Number122777
GST Number24AAMCP0153E1ZR
DirectorsViresh Kumar Thakkar, Chitrangi Ben Thakkar, Urmila Ben Thakkar
Head Office403, Platinum Plaza Station Road Vill-Nadiad, Tal-Nadiad Nadiad Kheda GJ 387001 IN

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Pujara Dream Life Products

Pujara Dream Life is a product based company, this company has two main products Mobile Anti-Radiation Chip and Tulsi Drops, apart from this there are around 50+ general products of many different categories.

Pujara Dream Life Products Categories

  • Kitchenware Products
  • Herbal Juice
  • bathroom products
  • Hair Straightener & Dryer
  • Hair Trimmer
  • House Keeping Products
  • Wrist Watches
  • Beauty Care Accessories
  • Roller & Massager
  • Kids Play Products
  • Others

Join Package

Any person can register himself for free in Pujara Dream Life Company and get his ID activated by purchasing a product worth Rs 25.

Pujara Dream Life Plan

Pujara Dream Life Company works on MLM plan in which the company’s products are sold through a network of direct sellers. When a person becomes a direct seller of this company, he has to do two main things, the first is to educate people. Recruiting and the second is selling the product from which he gets commission and not only on his own sales but also on the sales of the people whom he has recruited. If they also recruit other people under them and sell the product, then also on their sales. Get commission. Direct seller can recruit more than 10 people under himself.

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In the referral system of the company, as soon as the direct seller sponsors 10 people under him and those 10 people sponsor another 10 people through their referral link, then the income of the direct seller is given in the chart below. .

1.Referral Income Chart

LevelReferral MembersTotal ReferralsReferral IncomeTotal Referral Income

Direct seller gets Rs 1 from each referral i.e. in the first level he gets Rs 10 from 10 people, then in the second level he gets Rs 100 from 100 people and in the same way the income increases with increasing level. It continues to increase.

2. Free gift

When a direct seller completes any level in Pujara Dream Life Company, he gets free gifts from the company:

  • After completing the first level, you get a package of 50 grams of incense sticks.
  • On completing the second level, you get a combo packet of 3 flavor agarbattis.
  • Completing the third level rewards you with a dinner set.
  • On completing the fourth level, you get a trip from Ahmedabad to Goa by plane with 2 day 1 night hotel stay.
  • On completing the fifth level, one gets an Activa 6G as gift along with a trip to Bangkok (with couple).
  • On completing the sixth level, you get a Hyundai Creta gift as well as a trip to Singapore (with couple).
  • On completing the seventh level, you get 3 gifts together, the first is a house fund of Rs 25 lakh, the second is Switzerland Couple Tour and the third is a Mercedes C Class car.

3. Safe Zone Circle Bonus

This income is available when the direct seller completes his sixth level.

In Dream Life Company, when a direct seller completes his sixth level, he comes in the safe zone circle of the company and the company provides him Rs 10,000 every month for 60 months.

4. Repurchase Income Package

If a direct seller wants, he can purchase 6 flavors of products from his ID and earn a good income of 7 levels from the purchases made by his team.

The direct seller gets a commission of 5% on repurchasing using his own ID.

5. Repurchase Package – Level Rewards

These rewards are available on repurchase of all levels of the direct seller, like in the first level there are 10 people and if all those 10 people make repurchase then the direct seller gets 6 packages of 50 gram agarbatti. Like this:

  • The second level purchase gives leather belt, leather purse and body spray.
  • The third level of purchase gives you a smart watch.
  • Fourth level purchase provides a trip from Ahmedabad to Kullu Manali (by flight) for 1 person.
  • The fifth level of purchase gives a Royal Enfield (350 cc) gift along with a fixed income of Rs 15,000 for 1 year.
  • Sixth level repurchase gives a car (XUV-700) as a gift along with a Europe trip (with couple).
  • The seventh level repurchase gives a car (Audi Q7) as a gift along with a house fund of Rs 50 lakh.

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Points to keep in mind

  • In this company, you can create only one ID from one PAN card and it is mandatory to have PAN card to get income.
  • You can recruit more than 10 people into your direct.
  • In this company, you will get money only when you recruit people under you and make them purchase the products from your downline, you will not get money just by joining.
  • You will have to help all the people you will join your direct and teach them how to work in the company’s system.
  • You will receive your first payment only when you get 10 people to join your first level.
  • If you want, you can get the product delivered to your address in a package of 100 pieces, but you will have to pay the transportation charges.
  • The name with which you login to the company’s site should be the same name on your KYC document also.
  • When your first level is completed, the joining package product and a free package product are sent to your address by the company and there is no charge for this, but if you want to order the product immediately, then you have to pay a nominal courier charge. will be.
  • Whatever reward I have shown you in this article, you will get it at a multiplication of 10 by 10. For example, to get the gift of the first level, it is mandatory to have 10 people join the first level, and to get the gift of the second level, it is mandatory to have 100 people join the second level. Similarly, 10 by 10 people should be connected in every level.
  • Whenever you show the plan of Pujara Dream Life Company to anyone, make sure that your aim is only to show the plan and only when your downline wants to join voluntarily, make them join, do not force anyone to join.
  • If you make someone join Pujara Dream Life Company by showing the MLM plan of another company, then your ID can be canceled by the company.


In this article, I gave you detailed information about Pujara Dream Life Company Details in English, in which you learned that Pujara Dream Life is an Indian network marketing company, whose founder’s name is Viresh Kumar Thakkar, and the headquarters of this company is in Nadiad Kheda, Gujarat. Is situated in. In this company, any person can activate his ID from 25 and can earn money by working as a direct seller, but for this he will have to recruit people under him and get the product purchased. Friends, if you liked this information, then please share it with other people so that they can also know in detail about Pujara Dream Life.

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