Vestige Product Price List 2023

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Vestige Product Price List | Vestige All Products List With Price

Vestige Product Price List 2023
Vestige Product Price List 2023
Products NameNet QuantityPrice
Vestige Air Purifier1 unit19,500
Vestige Hepa Filter1 unit3725
Vestige Water Purifier1 unit35,000
Vestige Water Purifier Pitcher1 unit3200
Vestige Combiotics30 capsules525
Vestige Sea Buckthorn60 veg. cap1000
Vestige Krill Oil30 cap1435
Vestige Multi Vitamin Gummies60 gummies825
Vestige Energy Booster30 capsules1050
Vestige Absorvit Multivitamin Sublingual Spray22 ml625
Vestige Absorvit Vitamin B12 Sublingual Spray9 ml625
Vestige Absorvit Vitamin C Sublingual Spray22 ml560
Vestige Absorvit Vitamin D Sublingual Spray9 ml560
Vestige Spirulina100 capsules421
Vestige Aloe Vera60 capsules320
Vestige Amla60 capsules220
Vestige Noni90 capsules585
Vestige Colostrum60 capsules720
Vestige Flax Oil90 capsules635
Vestige Coenzyme Q 1030 capsules1050
Vestige L-Arginine150 g1515
Vestige Veslim90 capsules1290
Vestige HMB75 g1875
Vestige Veslim Tea150 g795
Vestige Pre Gluco Health60 capsules1020
Vestige Glucosamine100 tablets950
Vestige Glucosamine60 tablets610
Vestige Collagen75 g700
Vestige Detox Foot Patches10 patches1400
Vestige Veslim Shake500 g1750
Vestige Ganoderma90 capsules920
Vestige Curcumin Plus60 capsules1050
Vestige Melatonin Oral Spray30 ml460
Vestige Hair Skin and Nail60 capsules585
Vestige Cranberry60 capsules1875
Vestige Her Own30 capsules460
Vestige Neem100 capsules425
Vestige Shatavari Max90 capsules545
Vestige Ayusantre Gluco Health60 vegetarian capsules795
Vestige Ayusantre Vital Complex60 vegetarian capsules895
Vestige Ayusantre Procard60 vegetarian capsules960
Vestige Ayusantre Respocare60 vegetarian capsules730
Vestige Ayusantre Kidneyhealth60 vegetarian capsules760
Vestige Ayusantre Liverhealth60 vegetarian capsules765
Vestige Ayusantre Toxclean60 vegetarian capsules825
Vestige Ayusantre Prostate Care60 vegetarian capsules525
Vestige Protein Powder500 g2350
Vestige Folic & Iron Plus60 capsules280
Vestige Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder200 g640
Vestige Fibre200 g1000
Vestige Eye Support30 capsules625
Vestige Calcium100 tablets270
Vestige U-Control30 capsules1600
Vestige Rice Brain Oil2 ltr600
Vestige Invigo Freshnup Drink200 g235
Vestige Enerva Hi-Nutrition Breakfast Cereal350 g350
Vestige Zeta Special Tea200 g128
Vestige Zeta Coffee50 g205
Vestige Zeta Premium Spice Tea200 g285
Vestige Enerva Choco Flaxseed Bar30 g60
Vestige Enerva Energy Snack Bar30 g60
Vestige Enerva Protein Snack Bar30 g65
Vestige Sunscreen SPF 40+75 g510
Vestige Hair Mask150 g425
Vestige Lightning Cream SPF 1575 g425
Vestige Face Scrub75 g310
Vestige Day Cream100 g360
Vestige Charcoal Peel off Mask75 g285
Vestige Anti Aging Night Cream60 g255
Vestige Complete Fairness Cream50 g200
Vestige Instant Glow Face Pack60 g170
Vestige Clarifying Face Wash60 g170
Vestige BB Cream SPF 30+30 g400
Vestige Sun Defence SPF 30+60 g265
Vestige Purifying Cleanser + Toner250 ml315
Vestige Daily Moisturizer250 ml290
Vestige Vitamin C Gel Cream50 g230
Vestige Vitamin C Facial Foam100 ml382
Vestige Insta Glow Facial Kit35 g700
Vestige Cherry Blossom Body Butter100 g360
Vestige Foot Cream50 g165
Vestige Aloe Cucumber Aquagel100 ml315
Vestige Hand & Body Lotion250 ml225
Vestige Soap100 g54
Vestige Complexion Bar75 g84
Vestige Creamy Cleansing Bar75 g69
Vestige Hand Wash250 ml150
Vestige Hand Cleansing Gel60 ml75
Vestige Germ Protection Soap75 g63
Vestige Puls Perfume Spray100 ml325
Vestige Arctic Perfume Spray100 ml325
Vestige Aura Perfume Spray100 ml325
Vestige Charisma Perfume Spray18 ml100
Vestige Blossom Perfume Spray18 ml100
Vestige Captive Perfume Spray18 ml100
Vestige Rapture125 ml205
Vestige Enchant Body Talc100 g65
Vestige Assure Active150 ml215
Vestige Force Fresh Body Talc100 g65
Vestige Hair Spa150 g405
Vestige Hair Conditioner75 g245
Vestige Hair Oil200 ml195
Vestige Deep Cleans Shampoo200 ml190
Vestige Daily Care Shampoo200 ml190
Vestige Moisture Rich Shampoo200 ml190
Vestige Insta Relief Cream50 g150
Vestige Foaming Intimate Wash80 ml210
Vestige Sanitary Napkin10 n290
Vestige Panty Liners12 n175
Vestige Mouthwash250 ml205
Vestige Toothpaste100 g85
Vestige Whitening Toothpaste90 g150
Vestige Multiaction Toothbrush4 set260
Vestige Gano Toothpaste100 g175
Vestige Ultra Scrub250 ml220
Vestige Ultra Wash500 ml375
Vestige Ultra Shine500 ml175
Vestige Ultra Swab500 ml215
Vestige Ultra Matic500 g185
Vestige Ultra Guard500 ml128
Vestige Ulta Protek170 g325
Vestige Agri Gold100 g600
Vestige Agri Nanotech500 g1475
Vestige Agri Nanotech250 g750
Vestige Agri Humic500 ml650
Vestige Agri825 ltr4300
Vestige Agri82500 ml535
Vestige Agri82100ml×3381
Vestige Agri Protek500 g1475
Vestige Agri Protek250 g760
Vestige Agri Moss500 ml1750
Vestige Agri Moss100 ml380
Vestige Agri Humic Granules5 kg825
Vestige Agri Aqua Gel1 kg2000
Vestige Match Drive Nanoenergiger (Four Wheeler)30 ml1870
Vestige Match Drive Nanoenergiger (Two/Three Wheeler)30 ml1495
Vestige Truman Facewash75 ml270
Vestige Truman Deodorant150 ml300
Vestige Truman Bathing Bar125 g140
Vestige Hi Sheen Lip Lustre2.5 ml440
Vestige Creme Matte Lipstick4.2 g425
Vestige Long Wear Liquid Lipstick6 ml655
Vestige Silk Shine Lip Gloss6 ml355
Vestige Satin Matte Lipstick3 g645
Vestige No Transfer Lip Paint6 ml625
Vestige True Define Eyeliner Pencil0.28 g290
Vestige Eye Rule Eyeliner Pen1 ml550
Vestige Showtime Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner3 ml380
Vestige Deep Define Kajal2.5 g220
Vestige Deel Define Coloured Kajal2.5 g275
Vestige Showtime Mascara8 ml645
Vestige True Emotion Eyeshadow Palette10 g1240
Vestige Volumising Mascara8 ml700
Vestige Eyebrow Duo4 g695
Vestige Starlit Liquid Eyeshadow2.4 ml450
Vestige Complete Coverage Concealer7 ml575
Vestige Perfect Bend Liquid Foundation30 ml505
Vestige True Look Compact Powder9 g600
Vestige True Look Compact Powder Pearl9 g600
Vestige Makeup Pro Fix Loose Powder6 g620
Vestige Silk Glow Blush4.5 g495
Vestige Face & Eye Makeup Remover100 ml460
Vestige Ultra Stay Nail Lacquer10 ml245
Vestige New Gen Nail Lacquer10 ml245
Vestige Dipnclean Nail Polish Remover30 ml320
Vestige Brushes (Set of 3)Set of 3 brushes570
Vestige Pink n pout & lip care balm3.6 g190
Vestige Moisture Rich Lipstick4.2 g240
Vestige Long Stay Liquid Lipstick6 ml260
Vestige Perfect Matte Compact Powder With SPF 159 g195
Vestige Make me a star nail lacquer6 ml125
Vestige Intense Hydration Cream50 g1380
Vestige Brightening Treatment50 g2575
Vestige Youth Flixir25 ml1670
Vestige Deep Cleansing Oil25 ml1400
Vestige Blemish Gel15 ml1100
Vestige Under Eye Serum15 ml1135
Vestige Glow Sheet Mask Intense hydration30 g299
Vestige Glow Sheet Mask Vitamin C30 g299
Vestige Glow Sheet Mask Vitamin E30 g299
Vestige Pro Prep & Prime30 ml800
Vestige Gold Peel Off Mask50 g1000
Vestige Radiant Glow Face Mist50 ml575
Vestige Skin Protecting Vitamin C Serum50 ml1200
Vestige Product Price List
Vestige Product Price List 2023
Vestige Product Price List 2023

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Health Guide1 Piece32
Atmanirbhar Success Plan1 Piece200
Flip Chart1 Piece180
Agri Booklet1 Piece7
Uniforms (Saree, Tie T-shirt)Saree 1 set, Tie 1, T-shirt 11950, 400, 450
Laptop Bag1 bag3200
Vestige Product Price List

Business Starter Kit (a unique kit that contains – product catalogue, success plan, health guide, voice, distributor application form, order form)

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Vestige Product Price List 2023
Vestige Product Price List 2023


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