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Friends, if you want to know about Naswiz Company and searching what is Naswiz or Naswiz Company Details, then this article is for you.

Today in this article we will do Naswiz Company Review and will know in detail about what is Naswiz, Naswiz Plan, what work has to be done in it, how to earn money from it, what are Naswiz Products, what is the profile of Naswiz Company Etc. So friends, if you want to get complete information about Naswiz Company, then read this article till the end.

Naswiz Company Details

What is Naswiz

Naswiz is a direct selling company, it was earlier known as Naswiz Holidays Private Limited because it was providing service of Holiday but later it was renamed as Naswiz Retail Private Limited and it was registered with MCA in 2015 under this name. And its headquarters is situated in Delhi. Presently there are two Directors present in this company namely Manish Nanda and Santosh Kumar Chandrakar.

Naswiz is a big network marketing company which has been working in the field of direct selling in India for a long time, well known leader of network marketing Sonu Sharma also started his network marketing career from this company which is now Vestige company. working in Being a network marketing company, any person can work as a Naswiz Direct Seller in this company, after joining it, two major tasks have to be done, the first is to get other people to join Naswiz Company with them and the second is to encourage them. Shopping for the product.

Naswiz Company Profile

Date of Incorporation07/11/2016
CIN U52399DL2016PTC307914
Registration Number307914
Registered AddressUNIT NO 206,211,212 & 208,209,210 NDM -2 PLOT NO 1,2,3 NETAJI SUBHASH PLACE DELHI North West DL 110034 IN
Customer Care Number011-48101010

Naswiz Products

Naswiz Company has a wide range of products, which include products of many categories, so that Naswiz Distributors have additional options for buying and selling products, although the products of Naswiz Company are expensive than the products available in the market, but Naswiz Distributors They also get a discount that they get the MRP product at DP (Distributor Price). You can see a list of all its products below.

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Naswiz Products Categories

  • apparels
  • Mens
  • Men’s Suit
  • Women’s
  • topwear
  • bottom wear
  • official
  • Personal Care
  • herbal
  • housekeeping
  • Groceries
  • organic
  • Pickles
  • Atta / Flours
  • spices
  • Ghee
  • Healthy Bytes
  • Pulses / Lentils
  • Rice
  • Edible Oils
  • Namkeen / Sweets
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Cereals
  • Sweeteners
  • Ready Meal
  • spices
  • Sanitizer
  • masks
  • skin care
  • hair care
  • bathing
  • dresses
  • jump suit
  • skirts
  • shirts
  • T-shirts
  • blazer
  • Alkaline Ionizer
  • electronics
  • accessories

Naswiz Joining Package

To become a Naswiz Direct Seller, you can join in three ways.

Shopping IP PointsWeekly Cap LimitMonthly Income

If you join with 1000 IP, then its Weekly Capping Limit is Rs 1,35,000 and Monthly Capping Limit is Rs 5,40,000.

On joining with 3000 IP, Weekly Capping Limit is Rs.1,50,000 and Monthly Capping Limit is Rs.600000.

On joining from 7000 IP, the Weekly Capping Limit is Rs 200000 and the Monthly Capping Limit is 800000.

Naswiz Business Plan in English

Naswiz works on Binary System of Network Marketing, in which 2 legs have to be maintained, that is, when you join Naswiz Company, you have to join 2 people below and those two people also join two people below you. Get it done and in this way your network is formed and the product is sold through this network, in which whenever someone purchases or sells a product from your network, you get a commission from it, now let’s go to Naswiz Compensation Plan Let us know about the ways in which commission is received in it.

Naswiz Income Plan

Naswiz Company provides 8 types of income to its distributors.

  • Purchase profit
  • Group Sales Incentive
  • Leadership Bonus
  • car club
  • travel club
  • house club
  • Premium Club
  • Reward

1. Purchase Profit

If you join as a Direct Seller in Naswiz Company, then you get its MRP product on the basis of SP (Special Point) which is at a discount rate, due to which whenever you buy a product from Naswiz Company, You get a discount on it and that is called your purchase profit, like suppose the price of a product in Naswiz Company is Rs 12,900 in MRP but if you become a Naswiz Direct Seller then you will get the same product for around Rs 7,885 i.e. 5015 Profit of Rs. In this way, you can take profit from each product.

2. Group Sales Incentive

This income is available on the sales of your team, which is available on matching on both sides, like suppose if you become Naswiz Direct Seller and join two people below you and they both buy 1000IP-1000IP. You will get Rs 1000, similarly whenever there is a matching of 1000IP in both your legs then you will get Rs 1000 from that. And this income is weekly, which means you get this income every week.


MonthSaleTotal Sale

Total Sales in Year 8190

Here you can understand from this example that if you join 2 people in a month and similarly your team also joins two people under you, then in 12 months your team will be of 8190 people i.e. 4095. Once there is a matching in your team, then 4095×1000=40,95,000 rupees can be earned from this.

3. Leadership Bonus

This bonus is Monthly i.e. it is given in a month which is given on the basis of points, like suppose if business of 15000IP-15000IP is done on both sides in your team, then it gives 1 point, if business of 3000IP-3000IP is done then it gives 2 points. Get. Likewise you can see in this table.

Whatever IP business is done by your team in a month, if it is divided by 2, then the Total Distribution Amount comes out of it.

Now this Total Distribution Amount is divided by Total LB Point, then the LB Point Value comes out. Which is 1 point value of 8000-10000 rupees and the monthly capping of this income is 2,50,000 rupees.

4. Car Club

In Naswiz Company, when you achieve Leadership Bonus for 3 consecutive months, then you become eligible to take Car Fund. After qualifying for Car Fund, whenever you do business of 25000IP-25000IP from both the legs, you get added as 1 point Car Fund. And its monthly capping is 100000 rupees.

5. Travel Club

When you achieve Leadership Bonus continuously for 4 months then you get this income and also when you do business of 25000IP-25000IP from both sides then you get 1 point in it and its monthly camping is Rs.75000.

6. Houseclub

When you achieve Leadership Bonus for 5 consecutive months, then you qualify for House Club, in this you also get 1 point on IP of 25000 and its monthly camping is Rs.125000.

7. Premium Club

It is available on achieving Leadership Bonus for 6 consecutive months and in this also 1 point is generated on 25000IP, but its most important thing is that there is no monthly camping in it, that means you can take this income unlimited.

8. Reward

Many rewards are also available in Naswiz Company, which is available on the basis of your business performance, like suppose if you do business of 10,00,000IP – 10,00,000IP from both legs in 120 days, then you get a Mahindra Scorpio And if you do 20,00,000IP-20,00,000IP business for 6 months, then you get Ford Endeavour.

So friends, this was the Naswiz Income Plan, from which you can get these 7 types of income.

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How to join Naswiz Company? (Naswiz Login)

To join Naswiz Company as a Direct Seller, you will need a sponsor ID, which you can take from any Naswiz Direct Seller, then after that you can sign up by visiting its website, signup After doing this, you will have to buy Naswiz Products by which your ID will be activated, then you can do business in it.

Naswiz FAQ

What is Naswij?

Naswiz is a direct selling company registered with MCA in the name of Naswiz Retail Private Limited, this company does the work of direct selling in which the product is sold through the network of direct seller.

Who is the owner of Naswij?

Naswij Company has two Directors namely Santosh Kumar Chandrakar and Manish Nanda.

How much does it cost to join Naswij Company?

There is no money to join Naswiz, you can register for free in this, but if you want to work as Naswiz Direct Seller, then you have to buy minimum 1000IP product.

What to do after joining Naswij Company?

After joining the Naswiz company, other people also have to join this company with them and they have to buy Naswiz Products from which you get a commission.

How much money can be earned from Naswij company?

There is no fixed salary in Naswij Company, in this you get income based on your business volume, now it depends on you how much you can earn from it.


In this article, I told you about Naswiz Company Details, in which you got to know about its profile, product and business plan in detail, I sincerely hope that now you have come to know about Naswiz Kya Hai very well. Friends, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with other people so that they too can know in detail about Naswiz Business Plan in English.

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