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Today, in this article, I will give you complete information about ECR Company, in which you will know what is ECR Company, what work has to be done in this, what is the profile of this company, what products are available with this company, this company is legal. Or fraud etc. So, friends, without delay, now come directly to the topic and know about ECR Company Details in English.

What is ECR company?

What is ECR company

ECR Company full name is Elation Career Resource Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a Direct Selling company registered under MCA on 7th June 2019 and its headquarter is located in Jaipur city of Rajasthan and at present there are two directors in this company namely Lalit Kumar Sharma and Dinesh Singh .

ECR MPL Company is also known as ECR MPL as its official website name is

Being a Direct Selling Company any person can join ECR MPL Company as its Direct Seller and earn money by selling ECR Company Products.

To become a direct seller in this, first you have to buy the product of ECR company only after that you can work as a direct seller in it.

After becoming a direct seller in ECR MPL Company, two major tasks have to be done, the first is to get people to join ECR Company and the second is to get them to buy ECR Company Products, because the direct seller gets commission only after selling the product and not They get commission not only on their own sales but also on the sales of the people they make as their business partners, and therefore those who get more people to join ECR company, they get more commissions.

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ECR Company Details

Head Office251 NEHRU NAGAR, KUNDA AAMER JAIPUR Jaipur RJ 302028 IN
Date of Incorporation07/06/2019
ROC CodeRoC-Jaipur
Registration Number065221
Customer Care Number18005724717

ECR Company Products

ECR is a product base company that deals in fashion products.

The product of ECR MPL Company is very similar to the product of Asort and Internacia Company, as these companies also work on fashion products.

ECR MPL Company has more than 100 products, which include various types of Garments and Accessories products.

Talking about their price, the prices of the products of ECR MPL Company are very expensive as compared to the products available in the market, although those who become direct sellers in this company are also given discounts according to their rank.

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Product Range of ECR Company


  • shirts
  • T-shirts
  • jeans
  • lower
  • Sending
  • chinos
  • Formal Paint
  • winterwear
  • Polo T-Shirt
  • Round Neck T-Shirt


  • Women Kurtis
  • Women Plazo Set
  • Women Top
  • Women’s Leggings
  • Women Shirt
  • Women’s T-Shirt
  • Women Jeans
  • Women Official


  • Mask
  • ties
  • accessories
  • Shocks

ECR Company Business Plan

ECR company works on MLM plan in which two major things have to be done.

ECR Company Business Plan

Product purchase and sale

To join ECR MPL Company, you can register for free, but to work as a direct seller, you have to buy its product, which you can sell later and earn retail profit, and this only once. You have to make a purchase only, so that you get permission to do business in it for lifetime, although you can repurchase it again if you want, but it is not necessary, by purchasing the product only once, you will be able to do it forever. For that, you can work as a direct seller in this.

create business partner

After joining the ECR MPL Company, the second most important task is to make a business partner, that is, to get people to join this company with you, because when you make people join the ECR MPL Company, they also buy the products of this company, so that You get commission and not only once but every time they buy or sell ECR MPL Company products, then you get commission because you have made them your business partner, and in this way people like you are being included in your team. In the same way, your rank in ECR MPL Company gets promoted. Due to which your income starts increasing.

Is ECR Company Legal or Fraud?

ECR is a legal company registered under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) but there are many people in this company who are doing business in a wrong way like calling people in the name of job by lying, giving fixed salary Making promises, providing free accommodation, etc., and this is the reason that people who have trained in this company call it a fraud company and spread negativity about it.

so friends know what is true and false It is important for you only then you will be able to know the truth of this company, so friends, let me tell you that ECR MPL is a legal direct selling company, in which you are given the opportunity to do direct selling business, not job, and there is no fixed salary of any kind. Rather, when you sell the product of ECR MPL Company, you get commission.

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ECR Company FAQ


ECR company full form

Elation Career Resource Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Who are the owners of ECR Company?

The owner name of ECR MPL company is Dinesh Singh and Lalit Kumar Sharma, they founded this company on 7th June 2019.

Where is the headquarter of ECR Company?

The headquarter of ECR MPL Company is situated in Jaipur Rajasthan.

How much does it cost to join ECR Company?

There is no money to join ECR MPL Company, you can register for free, but to work as a direct seller, you have to purchase ECR Company Products.

What is it like to work in ECR company?

After joining the ECR MPL Company, other people also have to join this company with them and they have to get the ECR MPL Company Products purchased.

How much money can be earned from ECR Company?

ECR is a direct selling company, in this there is no fixed salary of any kind, but when you sell ECR MPL Company Products, you get commission, that is, if you want, you can earn lakhs of rupees per month from ECR Company. But if you will not be able to make people your business partner and will not be able to buy the product from them, then you will not be able to earn even a single rupee from it.


In this article I have given you detailed information about ECR Company Details in English, in which you have come to know what is ECR Company and what is the profile, product and business plan of this company. Friends, if you liked this article, then do share it with other people so that they too can know about ECR MPL company.

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