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Friends, if you want to know about Richind Company or are searching what is Richind then this article is for you.

Today in this article, I will give you detailed information about Richind Company, so that you will know what is Richind, how to earn money from it, it is legal fraud, what work has to be done in it etc. So friends, if you want to get complete information about Richind, then read this article till the last.

What is Richind Company ?

Richind Company
Richind Company

Richind is an affiliate marketing platform in which you can earn money by selling e-learning courses, Richind has many e-learning courses in which lead generation, personal branding, social media marketing and digital marketing etc. are taught.

The founder name of Richind is Yash Kulshrestha and its headquarter is located in Firozabad city of Uttar Pradesh.

It was Yash Kulshrestha who launched Richind on 1st September 2022, since then more than 10,000 people have joined it and 20 lakh commission has been distributed.

Richind is a certified platform, it has MSME, ISO and GST certificate.

Richind Company Profile

Company NameRichind
FounderYash Kulshrestha
Head OfficeFirozabad, UP
Starting1 September 2022
ProductsE learning Courses
Customer Care Number+91 6395350946

How to make money from Richind Company Plan?

To earn money from Richind Company , you must first join it, but to join it, it is mandatory for you to buy its package, so you have to buy any one of its packages, Richind has four categories of packages

1.Starter Package, 2.Intermediate Package, 3.Expert Package, and 4.Master Package You can buy any one of these packages and when you will buy the package then you will get an id in Richind company and you will get a refer link, now Through this refer link you have to get other people to buy courses from Richind Platform and you will get commission when they buy courses from Richind Platform through your given referral link. In this way you can earn by selling the course as much as you want.

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Richind Company Package

Richind has four categories of packages available –

Starter Package (Rs. 260 /-)

  • Affiliate marketing
  • LeadGeneration
  • Sales mastery

Intermediate Package (Rs.510/-)

  • Free Starter Course
  • instagram growth mastery
  • Canva Mastery
  • Video Editing Course

Expert Package (Rs. 1050 / -)

  • Free Starter & Intermediate Courses
  • youtube mastery
  • Google Adsense
  • Facebook ads
  • digital marketing

Master Package (Rs. 2299 /-)

  • Free Starter, Intermediate & Expert package
  • Communication Skills
  • Personality Development
  • public speaking
  • Attraction Marketing
  • win in interview

Richind Company Business Plan

Richind works on MLM plan, in which you get commission up to two levels, that is, when you sell a course to someone, you get a direct commission from him, but the people to whom you have sold the course, if they also have Richind’s course If you sell, then you get commission on their sale as well, in this way you get commission in both active and passive way.

Now let’s know that how much commission is received by selling which course.

1. Starter Package

Direct Income – Rs. 200/-
Passive Income – Rs. 20/-

When you sell Starter Package to someone, you get a direct commission of Rs.200 and if the person you sold also sells Starter Package to someone, then you get Rs.20 on its sale.

2. Intermediate Package

Direct Income – Rs. 400/-
Passive Income – Rs. 40/-

When you sell Intermediate Package to someone, then you get a direct commission of Rs.400 and if the person whom you have sold also sells Intermediate Package to someone, then you get Rs.40 on its sale.

3. Expert Package

Direct Income – Rs. 800/-
Passive Income – Rs. 80/-

When you sell Expert Package to someone, then you get a direct commission of Rs.800 and if the person whom you have sold also sells Expert Package to someone, then you get Rs.80 on its sale.

4. Master Package

Direct Income – Rs. 1700/-
Passive Income – Rs. 170/-

When you sell Master Package to someone, then you get a direct commission of Rs.1700 and if the person whom you have sold also sells Master Package to someone, then you get Rs.170 on its sale.

So friends, this was the Richind Business Plan, through which you can earn both active and passive income from these four packages. Apart from this, rewards are also given in it.

Richind Rewards Income

If you get 10,000 rupees direct commission from Richind Platform within 10 days then you are given a Richind Branded T-shirt as a reward.

Richind Payment Timing

From Monday to Saturday every day between 8 PM to 12 AM.

How to join Richind? (Richind Registration)

Richind Company Login
Richind Company

Follow the steps given below to join Richind –

Step 1 – First of all go to Richind official website and click on Register Now.

Step 2 – On clicking on Register Now, you will go to the course section, from there you have to select the package, whichever package you want to join.

Step 3 – Click on Buy Now on the package you want to purchase.
Step 4 – As soon as you click on Buy Now, the registration page will open in front of you, in this you have to fill your information.

Step 5 – First of all you have to fill your First Name and Last Name, then you have to fill your Town/City and Mobile Number, you have to enter your Email Address and you have to create a Password by which you will login later in Richind.

Step 6 – After filling this much, put a check mark on I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions in the last, if you want you can read it too.

Step 7 – After placing the check mark, click on Place Order.

Step 8 – As soon as you click on place order, payment option will come in front of you, in which you can make payment through ATM, Net Banking or UPI.

Step 9 – After making the payment, you will be redirected to your account of Automatic Richind.

So friends, in this way you can easily do your own registration in Richind and join it.

Richind login?

To login to your account of Richind, first of all go to Richind’s official website and click on login, after clicking on login enter your Username and Password and again click on login, doing this much Only then you will be logged into your account of Richind .

How to do Richind KYC?

Follow the steps given below to do KYC in Richind –

Step 1 – First login to your account of Richind.

Step 2 – After login to your account, click on the three line above and go to the Profile section.

Step 3 – Go to Profile section and click on Edit Your Account.

Step 4 – Put your email, name, sir name and your photo here and back again to the profile section.

Step 5 – Click on KYC after coming to the section containing profile.

Step 6 – Here you have to give your bank details, in which you have to first enter your bank name, your name, bank account number, IFSC code and UPI and click on submit.

By doing this your KYC will be complete in Richind .

How To Create Richind Affiliate Link?

To Create Richind Affiliate Link, follow the steps given below –

Step 1 – First go to the official website of Richind and login to your account.

Step 2 – After login to your account, click on the three lines above.

Step 3 – Here click on the section with Affiliate Link.

Step 4 – After clicking on the affiliate link, scroll down, here you will find your affiliate link of Richind, copy it.

So friends in this way you can remove your affiliate link in Richind and share it.

Richind is Legal or Fraud (Richind Fake or Real )

Richind is a legal platform and is an ISO certified company, as well as it has MSME and GST certificate, GST is levied on the sale and purchase of each course, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that money is earned only on selling the course. See, there is no fixed income of any kind in this, so if someone asks you to join it and gives the greed of fixed salary, then do not get misled because in this you will get commission only on selling the course, that is, when you Join Richind and sell its course through your affiliate link, then you will get commission.

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Richind FAQ

Richind Company Faqs
Richind Company Faqs

Who is the founder of Richind?

The name of the founder of Richind is Yash Kulshrestha, he only launched Richind in India on 1st September 2022.

Where is Richind’s headquarters?

The headquarter of Richind is located in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh.

How much does it cost to join Richind?

To join Richind one has to buy its package whose price ranges from Rs 260 to Rs 2299.

What are the packages in Richind ?

Richind has 4 packages available – Starter Package, Intermediate Package, Expert Package and Master Package

How much money can be earned from Richind?

Richind is an affiliate program, in this you do not get any kind of fixed income or salary, but when you sell its course, then you get its commission, and in this way you can earn unlimited by selling as many courses as you want.

What is Richind Mission?

Richind’s mission is – To create a maximum digital entrepreneur and to get make financially freedom i.e. to make maximum number of people digital entrepreneurs and to give them financial freedom.


In this article, I have given you complete information about Richind Company, in which you have come to know that What is Richind how to earn money from it, is it legal, fraud etc. Friends, if you liked this article, then do share it with others so that they too can know about Richind Affiliate Marketing.

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