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NV Shoppe Company Details

NV Shoppe Company
NV Shoppe Company

What is NV Shoppe?

NV Shoppe’s full name is NV Shoppe Sales & Marketing Private Limited. This company was registered in the year 2020 under MCA and its headquarter is located at Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP. There are two directors in this company namely Sandeep Chowdhary and Minakshi Yadav. NV Shoppe is a product and service base company which includes both digital and physical products and this company also provides Franchise, that is, any person can take Franchise of this company and become its business partner or its direct seller. Can also be added in the form of which there are many types of income facilities, we will know further about it in NV Shoppe Income Plan.

NV Shoppe Company Profile

Date of Incorporation21/08/2020
Registration Number133048
Class of CompanyPrivate
EmailInfo@Nvshoppe.Com, Support@Nvshoppe.Com
Customer Care Number+91 96549 39353

NV Shoppe Products

NV Shoppe has a wide range of products, which includes almost all types of products, you can see the list below.

NV Shoppe Products Categories

  • Grocery
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • organic
  • electronics
  • Family
  • Personal Care
  • Clothing & Apparels
  • health products
  • And Many More

NV Shoppe Services

  • All Pre Paid & Post Paid mobile recharge
  • Bill Pay
  • Professional Services Provider

NV Shoppe Business Plan

NV Shoppe works on the generation plan of Network Marketing, in which unlimited legs can be made, but at least two legs have to be made, in this way you can also do it like Binary Plan, in which after joining you can add two people below you. Happens and has to get them to buy the product, then those two people also get two people below them to join and get them to buy the product and in this way this process continues.

Although it is not necessary that you should join only two people under you, you can make your leg as much as you want, but minimum two people have to be engaged.

It does not cost any money to join NV Shoppe, you can register for free, but to activate your ID as a direct seller in the company, you have to buy some products which you get in the form of Kit and you You can take any Kit according to your choice.

NV Shoppe Joining Kit

KitAmountProducts & Services
Kit 1400 PVGet Free Prime Membership
Kit 22200 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)FMCG Package
Kit 3599 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)English Speaking Course / Digital Marketing Course / Ekidooz /Sanitary Pads
Kit 4699 Rs.(Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Plan Folder Kit Free N-95 Mask
Kit 5799 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Key Chain, Mobile Holder, Mobile Stand, Pen / Wallet, Pen, Key Chain / Pain Oil 3 Packs.
Kit 6899 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Health Care Kit
Kit 7899 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Veg Masala / Non Veg Masala
Kit 81299 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Promotion Kit
Kit 91099 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)English Speaking Course + Digital Marketing Course / Ekidooz / Sanitary Pads / Health Care Kit
Kit 102350 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Nutri Vedika Hair Oil 2 Combo With Sanitary Pads
Kit 111699 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Sanitary Pads / Health Kits
Kit 122999 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Cosmatic + Health Care
Kit 131199 Rs. (Inclusive of all taxe PV : 400)Wallet, Pen, Key Chain / Belt / Sanitary Pads / Health Care Kit

Note – (1) You get one year membership by taking any kit in NV Shoppe and if you repurchase any product or service within one year, your ID gets automatically renewed.

(2) After purchasing the Kit, you start getting a discount of 1%-50% on every product or service of NV Shoppe.

So friends, this was NV Shoppe Joining Kits which you can join by taking any Kit. Now let’s get to know about NV Shoppe Income Plan.

NV Shoppe Income Plan

NV Shoppe Income Plan
  • Self Purchase Income
  • Self Purchase CPTO Bonus
  • Referral Income
  • Matching Bonus
  • Team Repurchase Bonus
  • car fund
  • House Fund
  • Pension Fund
  • royalty income
  • Franchise Income
  • bonanza

1. Self Purchase Income

After joining NV Shoppe, when you buy any product or service, you get 1% – 50% discount on MRP, which is called Self Purchase Income.

2. Self Purchase CPTO Bonus

When you do shopping of 3000 rupees in NV Shoppe for 24 consecutive months, then you are eligible to get this bonus, which NV Shoppe Company distributes 5% of its profit every month to all the people who also meet this Criteria. Let’s fulfill

3. Referral Income

In NV Shoppe Company, when you make someone join below you, then from every joining you get 200 PV (Point Value) which is 1PV = ₹1. In this way you can make as many people join NV Shoppe Company as you want and earn unlimited.

4. Matching Bonus

Matching bonus is available on matching of your team, as if you have joined two of your people and those two people should also join two people below you, that is, there are three people on both sides, in this way whenever Matching is in your team. If this happens, you will get 10% of the Matching PV as Matching Bonus. And here Daily Capping is up to Rs.1500.

5. Team Repurchase Bonus

This is available on Repurchase of your team, which is 0.50% commission from 1st level to 16th level and 1% commission from 17th level to 20th level.

LevelsTeam SizeIncome %

As an example, suppose someone from your first level repurchases a product worth Rs 1000, then you will get 0.50% of that ie Rs 5 as passive income. In this way, you will continue to get passive income from whatever repurchase you make from your team.

6. Car Fund

When you make 10,000 Matching Pair in NV Shoppe Company, you get a Car Fund of Rs 25 lakhs.

7. House Fund

When you make 30,000 Matching Pair, then you get Rs. 1 Crore as House Fund from NV Shoppe Company.

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8. Pension Fund Performance

Within 9 years of your joining in NV Shoppe Company, if you make 50,000 Pair, then you are eligible to take this income, which NV Shoppe Company distributes 5% of its profit every month to all the people who also fulfill this criterion.

9. Royalty Life Time Achievement Income

LevelsCompany ProfitBusiness Target
Star Diamond Club5%1 Cr. In 1 Year
Ruby Diamond Club5%5 Cr. In 2 Year
Gold Diamond Club5%10 Cr. In 4 Year

In NV Shoppe Company, if you do a business of 1 crore rupees within 1 year, then you come to the Star Diamond Club of the company and you get 5% Company Profit.

Similarly when you do business of Accumulative 5 crores in 2 years then you become Ruby Diamond Club in NV Shoppe Company and here you again get 5% company profit.

If you do an accumulative business of 10 crores within 4 years, you get into the Gold Diamond Club.

10. Franchise Bonus

Refer Bonus – 3% Without GST
Franchise / Vendor NV Shoppe Sales Profit – 3% Every Month
Manufacturer & Distributor Tie up Earn Referral Income – 0.1%

11. Bonanza

In Bonanza i.e. NV Shoppe, you also get many types of gifts and rewards and also get national and international trips.

So friends, this was the NV Shoppe Income Plan from which you can get all these types of income.

How to join NV Shoppe (NV Shoppe Login)

It is very easy to join, for this you will need a NV Shoppe Sponsor Id, which you can take from any NV Shoppe Distributor, after that go to its website www.nvshoppe.com, then there you will have the option of NV Shoppe Ragistration. You will get that you can sign up by putting your information and mobile number in it, after that you will have to take Kit to activate your ID.

NV Shoppe FAQ

NV Shoppe FAQ
NV Shoppe FAQ

Where is NV Shoppe located?

NV Shoppe is an Indian company which is registered under ROC-Kanpur.

Is NV Shoppe Fraud Company?

NV Shoppe is a legal and certified company which is registered with MCA and has all the legal documents.

How to do NV Shoppe Online Shopping?

To do NV Shoppe Online Shopping, you can go to its website or you can do it through NV Shoppe App as well.

Where to get NV Shoppe App?

You can also download NV Shoppe App from its website or from Google Play Store.

Who is NV Shoppe Owner?

The name of the owner of the NV Shoppe company is Meenakshi Yadav.


In this article, we reviewed NV Shoppe, know about its NV Shoppe Plan, Profile and Products, I sincerely hope that now you have come to know about What is NV Shoppe very well. Friends, if you liked this article, then do share it with other people so that they too can know about NV Shoppe Company Details.

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