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Friends, if you want to know about Hyperverse Company and are searching what is Hyperverse then this article is for you.

In this article, we will review Hyperverse and know in detail what is Hyperverse, how to earn money from it, is it legal or fraud, what is its profile, what is its business plan etc. So friends, if you want to know the complete information about Hyperverse, then read this article till the last.

What is Hyperverse?

Hyperverse is a virtual metaverse based on blockchain technology and a part of Hypertech Community, its founders are Ryan Xu and Sam Lee.

Hyperverse was previously known as Hyperfund whose website name was www.thehyperfund.com but now it has been converted to www.hyperverse.net.

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Hyperverse is a kind of investment scheme in which people are made to invest money in the name of membership and then later it claims to give them up to 400% returns.

So far two versions of Hyperverse Community Membership have been launched, when Hyperverse was initially launched, at that time they used to claim to give up to 300% returns on taking its membership, but about the arrival of Hyperverse Community Membership 2.O, it was claimed to give 400% returns. % It has been done.

Hyperverse Company Details

Platform name Hyperverse Group Hypertech
FounderRyan Xu
CEO Sam Lee
Email support@thehyperverse.net

Hyperverse Income Plan

Hyperverse company details
Hyperverse company details

Talking about Hyperverse Business Plan, it is an investment scheme and follows the network marketing concept, that is, people are first invested in it and later it gives them a return of up to 400%, apart from this, those people who They also make others join in this and they get more returns. Till now Hyperverse has launched two versions to invest in its membership, so let’s know about these two versions.

Hyperverse Community Membership 1.O

Membership PackageRewardsPending Rewards
50HU (Rebuy)300%150HU

In Hyperverse Community Membership 1.O, you could take its membership from minimum 50HU and in this they claimed to give you up to 300% return.

Hyperverse Community Membership 2.O

Membership PackageRewardPending Rewards
125HU (Rebuy)400%500HU

In Hyperverse Community Membership 2.O, you can take its membership from minimum 125HU and in this they claim to give you a return of up to 400%.

So friends, this was its membership plan, in which you can get up to 400% return by joining, apart from this, they also have a referral program, that is, when you join other people along with you and buy their membership from them as well. If you get it done, Hyperverse claims to increase your return profit even more.

Now let us know about the reward income of its referral program.

1. Community Reward


This reward comes from your downline i.e. when you join Hyperverse and get other people to join it with you then you also get some part of their earnings and it is available till 20 level.

For example, if you refer someone for the first time, he will be your first level and you will get 20% reward from him, then when you refer someone for the second time, he will be your second level and you will get 15% reward. , In this way you can get the reward up to 20 level which you can see in this table.

2. VIP Reward

This reward is based on your rank in the Hyperverse, which you can see in the table below.

1 Star250000HU4%
2 Star5000000HU6%
3 Star1 Million HU8%
4 Star3 Million HU10%
5 Star5 Million HU12%

In Hyperverse, when you do business of 5 Million HU, you get 25,000 HU daily and on this you get 12% extra, that is, 3,000 HU more.

3. Global Reward

4% of all the people who take membership in the Hyperverse Community are distributed among all those who qualify for Global Reward. To qualify for the Global Reward, a Hyperverse Member has to receive the VIP Reward 2 times or more.

Hyperverse is Real or Fake

Hyperverse company details
Hyperverse company details

Hyperverse is a Decentralized Platform just like Cryptocurrency which works through Blockchain Technology and this is the reason why it is not legal in India because it neither has any legal document nor does it have any central office, it is just It is being run through a website, so it would not be wrong to say that it is neither legal nor illegal, but this type of scheme is often a fraud because it invests money from people in the name of membership and gives them Claims to give higher returns

which is against the guidelines of RBI and even if it ran away with your money then you can’t even complain because it has neither any office nor address, so I would say that Don’t get trapped in this kind of scheme, what is your opinion about the rest, please tell us by commenting.


In this article, we have done Hyperverse Review and know what is Hyperverse, what is its profile, what is its business plan, is it real or about scam. I hope that now you have understood about Hyperverse very well, friends, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with others so that they too can know about Hyperverse company.

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