Global Glaze Product Price List 2023

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Glaze Product Price List


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Global Glaze Health & Nutrition Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Galway Nutriflow Calcium60 tab851
2Spirulina Tablets100 tab596
3Galway Glucosamine With Boswellia and Curcumin60 tab1022
4Galway Daily Vital Multivitamin60 tab1167
5Galvita Multi Nutritional Powder200 gm793
6Soyway Protein Powder200 gm1117
7Leanfitz Protein Drink Mix500 gm2120
8Aloe Vera Juice Orange750 ml527
9Aloe Vera Juice750 ml527
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Ayurvedic Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Panch Tulsi Drop30 ml334
2GalVeda – Women Plus Tablet60 tab699
3GalVeda – Vito Potent Plus Tablet60 tab1298
4Galveda- Prostoease Tablets60 tab699
5Galveda – Noni Premium Concentrate Juice1 ltr852
6GalVeda – Hyper Rouser Tablet60 tab699
7GalVeda – Hepa Protect Syrup200 ml191
8GalVeda – Stressease Tablet60 tab699
9Galveda – Guduchi60 tab389
10GalVeda – Gluntrol Tablet60 tab699
11GalVeda – Cough N Cold Syrup100 ml122
12GalVeda – Cardovas Tablet60 tab699
13Aloe Giloy Plus Juice750 ml527
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Food beverage Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Rice Bran Oil1 ltr380
2Instant Green Tea Mint180 gm330
3Instant Green Tea Lemon180 gm437
4Instant Green Coffee180 gm330
5Kitchen Shakti Premium Ctc Tea250 gm231
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Hair Care Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Clear Coconut Hair Oil200 ml150
2Galway Coconut Avocado Shampoo200 ml237
3Herbal Hair Shampoo With Panchtatav200 ml262
4Pro-Keratin Shampoo With Conditioner200 ml482
5Prokratin Hair Serup50 ml451
6Bhringraj Hair Oil200 ml362
7Thanda Thanda Hair Oil200 ml186
8Anti Dandruff Shampoo200 ml424
9Amla Hair Oil200 ml150
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Face Care Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Galway Green Lush Face Wash100 ml150
2Galway Haldi Kesar Skin Cream50 gm132
3Galway Citrus Blast Face Wash100 ml150
4Galway Crème with Vitamin-E75 gm181
5Galway Fruit Punch Face Wash100 ml150
6Rose Skin Toner100 ml262
7Papaya Fairness Face Wash100 ml271
8Haldi Chandan Cream50 gm325
9Neem And Basil Face Wash100 ml204
10sunscreen SPF- 30 Cream100 ml573
11Vitamin C Exfoliating Face100 ml299
12Apricot Scrub100 gm290
13Anti Bacterial Face Cleanser100 gm290
14Rose Day Cream75 gm398
15BB Cream30 gm424
16Radiance Glow , Brightening & Lightening cream For Women100 gm393
17Lavender Night Cream75 gm460
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Oral Care Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Herbal Panchtatva Toothpaste150 gm109
2Green Gel Toothpaste150 gm146
Glaze Product

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Global Glaze Mens Care Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Galway Srigunam,Radiance Glow, Brightening & Lightening cream For men100 gm383
2After Shave Splash125 ml352
3Galway Tie1 set999
4Galway for men shave gel100 gm271
5Galway Men- Beard Oil30 ml541
6Galway For Men- Beard Shampoo100 gm398
7Galway Men- Charcoal Face Wash100 gm410
8Galway For Men- Skin Lightening Cream100 gm434
9Galway For Men- After Shave Balm100 gm230
10Galway For Men- Beard Conditioner100 gm398
11Galway Srigunam Men’s Choice Face Cream75 gm221
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Body Care Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
2Galway Face Mask1 pcs354
3Velvet sanitary Pad1 paket415
4Galway Green Lush Body wash200 ml186
5Body Wash Pomegranate & Plum250 ml352
6Body Wash Honey & Almond250 ml398
7Goat Milk Body Lotion250 ml410
8Goat Milk Shower Cream250 ml429
9Hand Wash- Lime and Aloe Vera275 ml226
10Body Lotion Honey and Shea Butter250 ml398
11Galway Citrus Blast Body Wash200 ml186
12Refreshing Bath Soap125 gm92
13Aroma Therapy Body Massage Oil200 ml541
14Pain Relief Ointment25 gm118
15Icey Cool Talc100 gm92
16Total Care Soap100 gm60
17Galway Aloe Cucumber Ultra Moisture Body Lotion200 ml219
18Beauty Soap100 gm60
19Hand Sanitizer Gel120 ml60
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Home Care Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
2Pine Oil Concentrate300 ml299
3Oxidaze Micro Wash Detergent Powder500 gm163
4Air Freshner75 gm127
5Multipurpose Disinfectant Surface Cleaner100 ml293
6Gal clean Concentrate Multipurpose Cleaner500 ml325
7Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner750 ml173
8Dish Wash Concentrated Gel300 ml159
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Agri Care Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1G-Amino +100 ml361
2G- Bio Humic100 ml402
3Mycorrhiza-G-VAM-(4KG)4 kg712
4G NPK (Bio Fertilizr1 ltr942
5G- Potash1 ltr632
6G- Bio Phosphate Advance1 ltr632
7G-Sea Liquid100 ml402
8G – PROM Advance Bucket10 kg851
9G sea Power Bucket-10 KG10 kg851
10G -Sea Power Bag10 kg762
Glaze Product

Global Glaze Other Products

SNProduct NamePack SizeMRP
1Galway Bag Pack1 piece1800
2SD Card1 piece1399
3Agriculture Book-Krishi Jagriti1 piece117
4Galway Premium Shoe Polish Dark Brown40 gm82
5Galway Premium Shoe Polish Black40 gm82
6Galway Instant Shine Sponge1 pc110
7Galway Exercise Note Book 1841 pc122
8Galway Shoe Brush1 pc90
9Galway Premium Shoe Polish Light Brown40 gm82
Glaze Product


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