Ok life Care Products Price list 2023

In this article we will know about Ok Life Care Products Price List.

Today in this article, we will know about some important products of Ok Life Care Company and will also know about their price and BV (Business Volume). So friends, without any delay let us come straight to the topic and know about Ok Life Care Products Price List.

Ok Life Care Products Price List

Ok Life Care Products Price List
Ok Life Care Products Price List
S.No.Product NameMRPDPBV
1Aloe Vera 1 ltr900540216
2Amla Jabrandi Hair Oil 100 ml976927.6
3Anti Ageing Cream20016064
6Ajwain Whole917318.25
8Black Paper Powder 100g20016040
9Black Paper Ginger19915948
10Brain Fuel1399999500
11Business Plan45450
12Black Paper Whole20016040
13BB Cream14011244.8
14Aloe Neem Tulsi Shoap604213
16Arjuna Ext1152922522
17Anti Piles600450225
18Anti Acne Face Wash13410035
20Agro Advance1000800400
21Bhumi Urja600480192
22Calcium + VD324517544
23Calculi Free300240120
24Cane Power1000800320
25Chat Masal Pet 100g1159223
26Cough Fighter604824
27Crack Free Cream907228
29Detox Spray 10ml39025062.5
30Fairness Cream14011244.8
31Fennel Seeds Drop20016080
32DIAB Control16201296777
33Digest Well700560280
34Cumin Whole927418.5
35Count Up350280140
36Clove Whole (PET) 100g25020050
37Chana Masala1159223
38Catalog Volume l450800
39Calculi Flush400320120
40Brave Kids 200g940700280
41Gano Coffee 200g725370148
42Garam Masala 100g14811829.5
46Hand Sanitizer22011044
47Hermosa 21 Herbs Hair Oil35176.75
48Hermosa Neem Tulsi Face Wash45348.5
49Hermosa Soap36256.25
50Immune Plus450270135
51Indian Tea1408425
52Hygeine Care22017670
53Hermosa Shampoo Soy Protein32256.25
54Hermosa Bar Mix Fruit604213
55Heart Fuel299023001150
56Haldi Ginger19915948
57Hair Growth With Keratin25015060
58Green Coffee Powder 200g700560196
60Ganolife 60 Veg Cap1125900360
61Join Gym680408163
62Kaunch Beej19915948
63Kidney Fuel16991299650
64Lactating Mother1100550225
65Liver Fuel1299999450
68My 9018001260630
69Neem Tulsi Face Wash17010040
70Noni Natural Juice11325560224
71Night Cream14011244.8
75Liver Support500250125
77KSM-60 (60 Veg Cap)1125900360
78Keratin Daily Oil1738634
80Jaljeera Powder907218
81Official t-shirt1200960384
82Ok Power16201296777
83Ok Wash Detergent Powder1509023
85Paobhaji Masala1098721.75
87Pro Health650400200
88Product Handbook Hindi45450
90Red Chilli Powder836716.75
91Sauf Dhaniya Mint19915948
92Red Chilli Flakes 100g1159223
93Prostate Fuel15601200600
94Product Handbook45450
95Plant Shakti600480192
96Phase 3 Hair Tonic450260104
97Punch Tulsi 85ml19015276
99Ok Smile654511.25
Ok Life Care Products Price List

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Ok Life Care Products Price List


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