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Friends if you want to know about Biosash business and searching what is Biosash business or Biosash Company Details then this article is for you. Today, in this article, we will do Biosash Company Review and will know in detail about what is Biosash, what work has to be done in it, what is its profile, Biosash Plan, how to earn money from it, what are the products in it, etc. So friends, let’s start now and know about Biosash Company Details.

What is Biosash ?

What is Biosash
What is Biosash

Biosash is a network marketing company founded by Mr. Ramesh Khanna. This company was registered under MCA in the year 2015. Its registered name is Biosash Business Private Limited and its headquarter is located in Faridabad city of Haryana state, currently there are three directors in this company namely Arjun Khanna, Rajeev Kumar and Vellaichamy Kamrajapps respectively.

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Biosash Company Profile

Date of Incorporation17/11/2015
Ragistration Number057274
ROC CodeRoC-Delhi
Customer Care Number0129-4871062/63

Basic Information of Biosash Company

biosash business
biosash business
  • In Biosash company you can register for free.
    To activate your ID, you have to buy minimum 500 BV products.
  • It is mandatory to complete KYC to get payout.
  • You get Weekly and Monthly Payout in this.
  • Payout is available every week on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Monthly Payout is received after Silver Rank.
  • In Biosash Company, you get 95% of your earnings and 5% tax is deducted.
    In Biosash company you can make Multiple Legs.
  • With Biosash Business, you can earn unlimited on the basis of your selling.
    Bio-Sash Products
  • Biosash Company has a wide range of products which include almost all types of products, its products are in MRP but if you join Biosash Company and become Biosash Distributor, then you get its products at a discount rate and BV is generated on purchase and sale of every product and on the basis of this BV, Biosash Distributor gets income.

Biosash Products Categories

  • health care
  • Bath & Body
  • hair care
  • oral care
  • face care
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Prevention & Hygiene
  • Cooking Essentials
  • house hold
  • Business Tools
  • Essentials
  • Healthy Drinks
  • Healthy Foods
  • snacks

Biosash Business Plan

Biosash works on Generation of Network Marketing in which you have to make 6 legs, and as the BV(Business Volume) increases in all the legs, your rank gets upgraded. Biosash Company has total 9 ranks – Silver Director, Gold Director, Platinum Director, Emerald Director, Ruby Director, Saphire Director, Diamond, Executive Diamond and Double Diamond.

Biosash Income Plan

Biosash Company provides 5 types of income to its Distributor.

  • Distributor Profit
  • Matching Club Bonus
  • Team Sharing Bonus
  • Achievers Fund
  • MD Fund

1.Distributor Profit (Upto 40%)

If you join as a distributor in Biosash Company, then you get a discount of up to 40% in it, like suppose the price of a Biosash product is Rs.500 in MRP, but you will get the same product at Rs.300 at a discount of 40% in Biosash Distributor Price, in this way you get a discount of up to 40% on every product of Biosash, which you can sell in MRP and earn retail profit.

2. Matching Club Bonus

This income is received on the basis of Matching BV of your team, which is available between 13-15%.

Like suppose you have 6 leg out of which A team did business of 36000 BV, B team did business of 35000 BV, C team did business of 34000 BV, D team did business of 33000 BV, E team did business of 32000 BV and F team did business of 31000 BV i.e. your A team has maximum business, then after that B team has maximum business then both these teams

There will be matching i.e. 36000 and 35000 then there is a difference of 1000 in both of them i.e. 1000 BV will be Carry Forward and all the teams except the team which got maximum business will be matched i.e. except team A. B+C+D+E+F = 35000+34000+33000+32000+31000 = 16500 i.e. 15% of it 24750 you will get Rs.

In this way you can get this income every week, now let’s understand the Rank Promotion in its Biosash Company.

3. Biosash Rank Promotion

When you have a business of 1,20,000 BV from one line and the total business of 1,80,000 BV is done by including all the lines, then you become Silver Director in Biosash Company.

When you have a business of minimum 1,80,000 BV in your 2 lines, then you become Gold Director in Biosash Company.

When you have a minimum business of 1,80,000 BV in your 4 lines, then you become a Platinum Director in Biosash Company.

When you have a business of minimum 1,80,000 BV in your 6 lines, then you become an Emerald Director in Biosash Company.

When 2 gold is made below you and minimum 1,80,000 BV business is done in 4 line then you become Ruby Director in Biosash Company.

When 4 golds are made under you and minimum 1,80,000 BV business is done from 2 lines then you become Sapphire Director in Biosash Company.

When 6 golds are made below you, then Diamonds are made in Biosash Company.

When 12 Gold or 2 Diamond and 4 Gold are made below you, then you become Executive Diamond in Biosash Company.

When you become 2 Diamond and 10 Gold or 4 Diamond and 2 Gold below you then you become Double Diamond in Biosash Company.

Note – Self purchase of minimum 500 BV is mandatory every month to get Monthly Payout after Silver Director Rank.

4. Team Sharing Bonus (Monthly)

When you achieve Silver Director Rank in Biosash Company, then whenever someone in your downline achieves Silver Director Rank, you get this income.

Of which 4% comes from the Silver Director line and 5% comes from the Non Silver Director Rank.

To get this income, you should have a business of minimum 15000 BV and maximum 75000 BV from all your lines and your Matching Club Bonus should be minimum 24000.

As an example, suppose your total MCB is 24000 and 10,000 is from Non Silver Director line and 14,000 is from Silver Director line.

Which means your total MCB = 24000+10000+14000.

In this, {( 24000+10000)×5%} + {(24000+14000)×4%} = 2660 Rs. Team Sharing Bonus will be available.

5. Achievers Fund (Monthly)

This company gets 11% of the turnover, it includes a total of 9 types of funds such as Car Fund, House Fund, Travel Fund etc.

Your rank in Biosash Company should be Silver Director or above to avail this fund.

In this Silver Travel Fund 2% is available which is available on the basis of Matching Point.

Like suppose if your Matching Point is 1,60,000 then 2% of it means 3200 Rs. You will get

This income is available up to 4 Lakh Matching Points in a month.

5. MD Fund

The MD of Income Biosash Company – Mr. It is given by Arjun Khanna, which is distributed among Silver, Gold and Platinum rank holders.

So friends, this was the Biosash Income Plan, from which you can get these 5 types of income.

Biosash FAQ

Is Biosash Indian Company?

Yes, Biosash is an Indian company registered with MCA under the name of Biosash Business Pvt Ltd and headquartered in Faridabad Haryana.

Who is the owner of the Biosash Company?

Biosash company has three Directors namely Arjun Khanna, Rajiv Kumar and Vellaichamy Kamarajaps.

Is Biosash a MLM Company?

Yes, Biosash is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company which works on Generation Plan of MLM.

How to join Biosash?

To join Biosash, you must have Aadhaar card and PAN card and you will need a Sponsor Id which you can take from any Biosash Distributor, then you can sign up by going to the official website of Biosash company and to activate your ID you will have to purchase a product of at least 500 BV.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Biosash?

It does not cost any money to join Biosash, in this you can register for free but to work as a network marketer, you have to buy at least 500 BV products.

Biosash customer care no.


The conclusion

In this article, I told you in detail about what is Biosash? , in which you learned about Biosash Products profile and its business plan, I sincerely hope that now you have understood about Biosash Business Plan very well. Friends, if you liked this article, then do share it with others so that they too can know about Biosash Company Details.

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